Thursday 18 April 2013

1 Reason why we stand apart from the rest of the competition!

Hey everyone,

so I was asked today on a walk with my dogs what made our business so different than the rest from someone we met on the street.

I do have to admit that answer was a simple one!

"The Difference between us and your local franchised pet store is that we care about the quality of our gears and we put that quality before our profit margins!"

Well think about it, why don't you see our product on every corner? Well because people are mostly after money and have lost track of what your dollar is worth in terms is quality.

I'll let you in on one of our industry secrets, some companies which we don't support nor carry product from have made it their business to sell you products made to fail.Why you should ask?  Well simply because we have now been conditioned to think that its better and cheaper to replace something rather than fixing it thus doubling their profit! Why are they making $$$ on you? Well because you can't find anything of quality around you and are now forced to purchased the same poor quality item twice.

We do live in a capitalistic society after all. 

One excuse I often hear from owner reporting from experiences from other pet store is that their dog was too powerful for the gear they sold them and thus the dog  now became the problem. Really??

Humm...Make sense now! lol

Now why would you sell me something not made for my needs?! I mean, when I buy tires for my care in the summer they don't sell me winter tires do they now! Also, you mean to tell me that over the last 60 years lets say they have not come up with a product solid enough to handle my dog?! Yea I don't think so! The truth is that it's all about repeat business for them and that quality comes second to your dogs and your safety. Why safety? Well if your collar falls apart and your dog takes off in traffic, take a look at the bumper below and you tell me? Oh and FYI  I told you we carry solid gears, quality tested.

Unless your pet is over 1000lb it should be fine in most of our gears! 
And if it is over 1000lb we still got products that will handle that no problem!
We did see some of our products on lions and others big cats.

We on the other side ( he he ) don't think that quality should come second to profit. Yea maybe we don't live in  huge mansions or drive fancy cars but at the end of the day we can go to bed and say we did our best to provide you the best product available to us.

Lets do some math here : $45 at one collar every 8 month for 12 years in average come to about $580 for the same crappy collar!

Now with us the equation is slightly different: $60 at one collar for every 8 years (our product life expectancy is 8-12 years depending on the product care)  for 12 years comes out to about $80 for a great looking and well made collar! And who else do you know gives your collar a warranty ? Really a warranty on a dog collar that's weird no? Naw, it's just we are that confident about our product quality!

dog owners serving dog owners!

At the end of the day our quality is what we based our selves on and yes if we can provide you with some cool looking gears in the process well why not!

And that my fellow readers is one of the reason we are different from the rest!

Thanks for reading.
Kevin and Winston.

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