Monday 25 March 2013

The Bionic Dog.
So I was browsing the internet earlier today and I stubble on this neat article about this dog called Naki’o. Naki’o is essentially the first dog to ever receive four prosthesis allowing him to not only walk on his own but also to run and jump.

 This clearly sparked my interest and I figured I’d give you the short version.

Essentially Naki’o was found as a puppy in cellar of an abandoned home with his mother dead  somewhere in with the house. Naki’o was actually found in a frozen pothole which cost him to loos 3 paws and the tip of his tail due to frost bite. After much care and attention he was able to keep his life but was now having difficulties moving around as he grew. His owner got in contact with a Prosthetic company who made him the first set at cost. They then made him a second set for the front paws for free after seeing how well he did with just the back ones. Very nice of them if I may say, especially when you take in count the price of a prosthesis.

Naki’o aka the Bionic dog was not only given new paws that allowed him to run around and play, he was given a very fortunate second chance.
The way he runs by the way is something else lol, check it out! 

Men kind can really do some extraordinary things!

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