Wednesday 9 January 2013

Hey everyone, its Kristina here from Big Paws Inc.

Today we’ll be doing our very first product review, The Drypet towel.

To give you an idea I usually wash a Cane Corso (mastiff) and a Rottweiler, yep two heavy weights, so needless to say we do go through a few towels during bath time.

We discovered Drypet towel at a trade show we were attending and I can honestly say that we were impressed instantly when they showed us how effective it was. We purchased one and went home and gave it a try.  We were all impressed by its drying ability and water retention.

The Drypet towel comes in two different sizes, small and large. As you can imagine we first purchased the large format due to our dog’s size. After taking it out of its packaging it was now time to put it to the test.
We washed both dogs (one at the time) and to our surprise we were able to effectively dry both dogs with a single towel in record time. It does help that our dog’s favorite part of the whole process is to get dried, big surprise. After washing the first dog, I was surprised to see him dry but also that pretty much half the towel was still dry enough to do the other dog. Once I finished drying them, I was pleasantly surprised to notice that the towel wasn't leaking and not adding to our already messy situation. Not only were my dogs dry but I managed to drain the water out of the towel effortlessly and all that was left was for the towel itself to dry, which it did fairly quickly.   

So what makes the Drypet towel so efficient we asked? Well the answer was simple. The towel is made out of microfiber, a very absorbent material with great water retention ability.

We are now the proud owners of a large towel and three small towels. The large one is used for bath time, while the small ones are placed by the front and back doors, as well as one being in the big paws mobile.
Speaking of The Big Paws mobile, being that we do take the dogs out rain or shine, I can definitely appreciate having one in the car. I can now wipe the mud off their paws with one half of the towel and use the remaining half to clean up the rest. I’ve kept it in the car for a while without having to wash it and once washed it seems good as new.

I can honestly say that there is nothing negative I could come up with in regards to the Drypet towel as they work as advertised and really does save time. We have XL breeds as you now know and the towel is big enough to dry both of them so again the product in my books performs as promoted in terms of sizes and are affordably priced
All in all a very great product to review and the same goes to using it. We can happily say that we are glad we got them and we will definitely continue using our Drypet towels. 

Thank you Drypet for making a great product we can all enjoy.

To find out more about Drypet towels, visit  

Winston -Kristina-Stella 

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